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Get involved

If you believe that all girls should have access to support, encouragement and a network of role models, then find out how you get involved below.


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Are you...


able to relate to others well?


good at working through problems?


committed and reliable?


able to provide insight from your personal experiences?

Then mentoring could be for you!

Why mentor?

Mentoring is an amazing way to share your experience and skills with a girl that might not benefit from this support otherwise. It is also a great way to show a teenage girl that you believe in her and she is worth investing time in.

This is a powerful combination, and one that we have seen transform the lives of
girls and young women again and again.

We are looking for women who have had experience of the work place, who have time and willingness to support a girl from one of the least-advantaged communities across the country, and who want to support a girl to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities.

We ask our mentors for a commitment of at least one hour a month, over the course of the year.

The first step towards becoming a mentor is by clicking below and completing our mentor application form. Please read our helpful mentor application guide to assist you with the application form.

If you are applying as an individual mentor, please follow the link below. If you work with one of our partner organisations then please speak to your organisational contact about the next steps.


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Do you...

work with 14-19 year old girls?


some of the girls that you work with eligible for pupil premium?

Could they...

benefit from a dedicated female mentor?

If so, then we could help!

How we can help

We will match your students with an inspiring female professional, who will support them over the course of an academic year. Alongside this mentoring, we also provide access to high quality workshops, exclusive networking opportunities and work experience that girls may never have had access to otherwise.