Mentoring for Girls

What Our Girls Say

As a young woman, I am proud to be part of The Girls’ Network. It has led to so many new and exciting opportunities for me and my school friends. I would hugely recommend other young women to become part of this great experience.
Without the help and support of my mentor and all of those involved within The Girls’ Network, I don’t think I would be as confident and educated about the world around me, and I most definitely wouldn’t be travelling back and forth into the capital on my own!
Before going into Parliament with The Girls’ Network today, I knew I wanted to be in politics but I didn’t think I could do it. Now I know I can.

The Girls’ Network – unlimited futures for all young women

The success of The Girls’ Network comes from the energy and commitment of hundreds of women and girls who are brought together through the charity to inspire one another and change futures. Will you join us?

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